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calcium d-saccharate usp

Shanpar is the leading supplier of Nutraceuticals, Mineral Fortifiers, Feed Additives & Specialty Chemicals. We have established a trusted brand in chemicals, additives and related fields. We have established our name and market across Western India and now making our foray into the international market.

Why Shanpar?

Meeting high standards: Our products are of the highest standard in purity. We ensure that our laboratory meets all the required standards in manufacturing. With our products used in the pharma and food sector, we understand the need to maintain a high standard. We are offering products manufactured as per Kosher and Halal approved certified method.

Quality check: We make products as per BP, USP, FCC, IP, Ph. Eur., Food Grade, ACS, Laboratory Reagent Grade, Analytical Reagent Grade, Pure and Technical Grades for various chemicals. We also ensure that our products are Kosher and Halal certified method. Our manufacturing facility complies with standards as per ISO-14001, ISO-9001-2008, ISO OHSAS 18000, ISO 22000-2005 HACCP, GMP, FSSAI, FSSC-22000, and FDA.

Quick and efficient service: We assure a quick and efficient service as per demand. You can book your order as per your requirement and we assure a quick delivery of products. Our marketing team will make sure that your deliveries are as per specifications.

Calcium D-Saccharate USP

Calcium D-Saccharate is the calcium salt of D-saccharic acid. It is a dicarboxylic sugar acid that is obtained from the oxidation of D-gluconic acid. It is a white, odorless, tasteless, crystalline powder. The chemical formula is C6H8CaO8. It s used to study its potential chemopreventive properties and anti-oxidative properties at the level of peroxynitrite-induced damages.
Calcium D-saccharate is a true chemical compound. It remains stable when exposed to air. It remains insoluble in water, alcohol and ether.

Technical specifications:

Code Number: SD0012
Synonym.: Calcium D-glucarate (1:1), tetrahydrate
CAS No: 5793-89-5
Molecular Formula: C6H8CaO8,4H2O
Molecular Weight: 320.26
Description: A white, odorless, tasteless, crystalline powder.
Solubility: Very slightly soluble in cold water; slightly soluble in boiling water; very slightly soluble in alcohol
Identifica: A & B : Conform
Specific rotation: +18.50o to +22.50o
Chloride: Max. 0.07%
Sulphate: Max. 0.12%
Heavy metals: Max. 0.002%
Sucrose and reducing substance: Meets the test
Residual solvents: Meets the test
Assay: 98.5% to 102%
Packing: 25Kg. Bag


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